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Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle
Franckeplatz 1, Haus 37
06110 Halle
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Historisches Waisenhaus
Kunst- und Naturalienkammer
Historische Bibliothek
Tuesday – Sunday, 10-17.00

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Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle

A cosmos of cultural education at a historical site

Three hundred years ago, the Pietist theologist August Hermann Francke (1663-1727) founded an orphanage and poorhouse that sent out impulses for spiritual-theological, pedagogical, scientific and social reform around the world. Even today, Francke's 'school-town' – with the preserved historical library of 1728, four centuries of school buildings, Europe's longest half-timbered house and the cabinet of curiosities – provides a vivid glimpse of life at one of the eighteenth century's most important educational institutions. Originally designed for use in hands-on school instruction, the Baroque Kunst- und Naturalienkammer (cabinet of natural and artificial curiosities) is among the few extant examples of these precursors of the modern museum and is Europe's only fully preserved cabinet of curiosities.
With its museological treasures and an extensive programme of events, the Franckesche Stiftungen are to be ranked among Germany's nationally significant cultural beacons and are also on Germany’s list of proposals for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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