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Deutsches Meeresmuseum
Katharinenberg 14-20
18439 Stralsund
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Opening times
April – October: open daily, 10-17.00
November – March: Tuesday - Sunday, 10-17.00
31 December and 1 January: 10-15.00
Closed 24 December
October – May: open daily, 9.30-19.00
June – September:
open daily, 9.30-21.00
31 December and 1 January:
Closed 24 December
May – October: open daily, 10-17.00
June – September: open daily, 10-18.00
Closed November – April
May – October: open daily, 10-18.00
November – April:
Wednesday – Sunday, 11-16.00

Visitors' services
Tel. +49(0)3831 2650 210
Fax +49(0)3831 2650 209
Tel. +49(0)3831 2650 610
Fax +49(0)3831 2650 609
Tel. +49(0)3831 2880 10
Fax +49(0)3831 2880 20
Tel. +49(0)38233 304
Fax +49(0)38233 70448


Museums locations
(with information on getting there)
Meeresmuseum Stralsund  
Ozeaneum Stralsund  
Nautineum Dänholm Stralsund  
Natureum Darßer Ort 

Deutsches Meeresmuseum Stralsund

Experience the ocean in a museum

The sea has always fascinated humanity. The Foundation Deutsches Meeresmuseum Stralsund (German Oceanographic Museum) has dedicated itself to its mission of permitting visitors to experience this fascination. Visitors to the museum's four locations find themselves plunged into very different worlds. With its exhibitions and tropical aquariums, the Stralsund MEERESMUSEUM, in the former St Catherine's Abbey, offers a survey of oceanology, marine biology and commercial fishing. The highlight of the museum is Germany's largest sea turtle aquarium. The NATUREUM Darßer Ort is located in the national park 'Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft' (Western Pomerania lagoon area). Several permanent exhibitions, the 'Baltic Sea Aquarium' and an accessible lighthouse have been attracting visitors to explore this coastal landscape since 1991. Since 1999, the NAUTINEUM Dänholm, in Stralsund, has been exhibiting original objects related to commercial fishing, oceanographic research and hydrography, including the underwater laboratory 'Helgoland' and a 14-meter-tall boathouse containing fishing boats typical of the region. Since July 2008 the OZEANEUM, located on the island of the Stralsund harbour, has been inviting visitors to take a vivid journey – surrounded by the aquarium's spectacular architecture – from the Baltic to the North Sea, across the Northern Atlantic and on to the Arctic Ocean.

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