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SiLK - Guidelines for the protection of cultural property

8. Climate


In order to protect the collections they house, it is extremely important to get the indoor climate of an institution right. Depending on the type of collection concerned, it will be necessary to create certain environmental conditions and ensure they remain constant. The indoor climate must also be considered in terms of the fabric of the building itself, its characteristics and technical facilities. Too high values might cause damage to its structure, as a result of condensation or mold growth for example.

So how can the desired environmental conditions be created? Owing to the interaction with the outdoor climate, without suitable technical systems the indoor conditions would always be subject to large fluctuations, both during the course of a day and across the year. It is seldom feasible to influence these conditions to any significant extent by means of architectural measures or user behavior. It is therefore essential to determine to what extent appropriate technical building services are required to achieve the environmental conditions desired and necessary in the building.


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