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SiLK - Guidelines for the protection of cultural property

2. Fire


Fire prevention measures are designed to reduce the probability of a fire breaking out and to minimize the damage caused by a fire. Fire regulations primarily focus on protecting the lives of residents, neighbors, staff, visitors and firefighters.
These measures also indirectly serve to protect objects. The information on this page is particularly important for listed historic buildings containing valuable artworks and cultural artifacts of great significance as fire can irretrievably destroy the heritage value of such cultural assets – including the built heritage.
Performing fire safety assessments and implementing fire safety measures in listed historic buildings can pose problems as their architecture and design frequently do not allow strict compliance with requirements that were drawn up with modern buildings in mind.
Differentiated and coordinated individual measures must nevertheless be taken to minimize the risks and put in place adequate fire protection so that historic buildings are not exposed to any greater risk than necessary.
The respective state building regulations specify standards and provide a point of reference for historic properties – and are binding for all new builds. In the case of any special solutions or variances from these standards, appropriate alternatives should be put in place wherever possible. As a rule it is essential to consult a fire safety expert.


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