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Mission Statement

The Konferenz Nationaler Kultureinrichtungen (KNK; Conference of National Cultural Institutions) is a cooperative association furthering the interests of 23 nationally significant cultural institutions of various sizes and orientations. The founding of the KNK in the Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle on 1 March 2002 was a product of the so-called ‘Blue Book’ (Blaubuch).

The mission of the KNK is to promote and secure the preservation and research of the cultural heritage of those eastern German cultural institutions classified as ‘nationally significant’ in the Blue Book. Its goal is to establish a sustained awareness of the significance of these museums, collections, archives and landscape gardens in the minds of politicians and the general public.

The KNK serves participating institutions by providing a platform for the communication of common interests and objectives. In order to realise collective activities, individual project groups and commissions will be formed using the pool of experts gathered among the member institutions. The KNK has developed into a highly competent network that presents the services provided by and the aims pursued by the most important museums and art collections of the former East Germany – both at the national level and throughout Europe.